Galaxy Donutz

Donuts In Space.

Even in the year 2714 that lite round delicious pastry is still as popular as ever. Ever since humans finally got off planet and started exploring populating other worlds the donut went with them. In just under an Earth century later there are Galaxy Donutz™ shop in every quadrant. From serving up these delights, to keeping the place clean, and making sure there is no galactic war and nothing goes super nova is now in your hands. Are you up for the challenge newbie? Join the ALPHA now!


We need your help.

The Galaxy Donutz™ development team needs your help. At its core, Galaxy Donutz™ is a competitive restaurant simulation game that’ll challenge you from both behind the counter and on the floor as you maintain the shop so it doesn’t fall into disarray and get shut down by the galactic health inspector.

Beyond the simulation our focus will be on seeding the game world with portals that allow players to teleport to other locations throughout the Galaxy Donutz™ universe. These portals could lead a player on a quest and discover new areas of the universe with friends. These areas could entertain from PvP showdowns to full co-op challenges. And that is why we need you help – we need your feedback and input .

Tell us what you like, don’t like or what you would like to see more of. Please submit comments, thoughts and addaboys on our feedback page. The GD dev team are at their hearts, a bunch of gamers that garner feedback from the VR community in order to create the best experiences possible.

This ALPHA version introduces players to a single player Galaxy Donutz™ experience and includes some free-roam abilities that allow some exploration at the beginning of the Galaxy Donutz™ universe. The ALPHA game includes a tutorial and challenge upon successful completion of the tutorial round.


Employee Training

This short one level trainer will challenge a player to learn all of the advanced game mechanics and attempt to satisfy hungry aliens through 3 rounds of ships.

The Challenge

Your skills will be put to the test and you will have an opportunity for a very handsome reward in this 30 day challenge.

First Place: $500 Visa gift card
Second Place: $250 gift card
Third Place: $100 gift card to 3rd place.

Players may submit as many times as they wish but be warned – this will not be easy to win.


Your Store Earnings are tracked on our Galactic Leaderboard. Compete for store credits and prizes. As you become a more competent store manager and increase your shop’s revenues you will have the ability to upgrade your equipment and unlock access to more areas.



The Galaxy Donutz Front Counter
Galaxy Donutz - The Shop
Four Featured Varieties of Galactic Donutz
Galaxy Donutz Morning Rush
Blast Trash! Who knew cleaning could be so fun...
You'll Need to Keep the Galactic Bathrooms Clean to Keep that Score!
Customize Your Workstation
Galaxy Donutz can get busy
Galaxy Donutz - The Shop